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SIFT Voting: Trading Changes

December 13th 2017

The votes proposed in the monthly report will open on Friday 15th December at 10:00 GMT. We will be using a new style of voting system that does not require calling Smart Contracts.

Everybody who held SIFT for the December dividend run will be eligible to vote in the five questions being asked. The background to these questions can be found in the monthly report. These questions are:

  • Should SIFT act as a market maker with unused funds?
  • Should SIFT use position building?
  • Should SIFT trade to take advantage of arbitrage positions?
  • Should SIFT be able to automate the entry of trades?
  • Should SIFT undertake forex trading in addition to cryptocurrency trading?

Voting will run for one week and close on Friday December 22nd at 10:00 GMT. Please familiarise yourself with the new voting instructions and if you have any questions you can contact us via Telegram or e-mail. There is currently a test vote running entitled "Which is your favourite fruit?". You can use this test vote to familiarise yourself with the new voting procedure. It will remain open until Friday 15th December at 10:00 GMT.

For the list of votes, to participate in the test vote and to participate in the real votes on Friday please visit