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SIFT Voting Proposal: Dividened Payments

October 18th 2017


Voting has now finished in SVP002. The votes were as follows.

Should SIFT dividends be paid directly to token holders?110,17534,328
Should dividend payments that would be sent to exchanges be reallocated to other SIFT-holders?144,3445,800
Should failed dividend payments be reallocated to other SIFT-holders?38,100101,752

These results indicate that dividends will be paid directly to SIFT holders' wallets. Any SIFT held in a known exchange (currently just EtherDelta) will be reallocated between other SIFT-holders. Finally, if a dividend payment fails it will be held by SIFT until such a time that it is claimed by the SIFT-holder who will then be responsible for gas payment.

SVP002-01 Result Pie Chart

SVP002-02 Result Pie Chart

SVP002-03 Result Pie Chart