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SIFT Voting Proposal: Dividend Payments

October 4th 2017


Following on from our first vote we are proposing a second vote for SIFT-holders. This vote was promised during the ICO as being an issue that would be discussed before first dividend payments are made in November. Many SIFT-holders have requested that dividend payments are made directly to wallets rather than with the withdrawal-request mechanism that our current smart contract uses.

SIFT Voting Proposal 2 (SVP002) proposes solutions to this and discusses why we chose not to do this originally and how we can mitigate against those problems. Please see the the proposal document for more detailed information.


Our standard voting instructions describe how to vote. It is the same as SVP001 but with a third question.

Voting opens at 10:00 GMT on October 11th and closes at 10:00 GMT on October 18th. Anybody who held tokens as of October 4th at 10:00 GMT can vote. If you try to vote before or after these times or if you did not hold tokens in your wallet at 10:00 GMT on October 4th then you will be prevented from voting.

When following the instructions you will need the following information:

Contract Address0x7f39f3a01701bbb3b637597ab3267c213c8a11df
ABIView Here

The source code for the vote is verified at Etherscan.