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SIFT Voting Proposal: Token Redeployment Instructions

September 21st 2017


The first SIFT voting proposals were announced earlier this week. The contracts to support this vote and instructions are now available. You can read the instructions now to prepare yourself for the vote.

Voting opens at 10:00 on September 26th and closes at 10:00 on October 3rd. Anybody who held tokens as of 19th September at 10:00 can vote. If you try to vote before or after these times or if you did not hold tokens in your wallet at 10:00 on 19th September then you will be prevented from voting. All times are GMT.

When following the instructions you will need the following information:

Contract Address0x6ec36b7d6f07c83970be758f70b1d22740788213
ABIView Here

The source code for the vote is verified at Etherscan.