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SIFT Voting Opens: Additional Investment Strategies

May 7th 2017

Voting opens today for the additional investment strategies referenced in the monthly report. Those with SIFT in their wallet at 10:00 GMT on 7th May 2018 are eligible to vote. Voting runs from 12:00 on 7th May 2018 for one week.

The question being asked is:

  • "Should SIFT be allowed to invest using new strategies and asset classes without holding a vote each time?"

This vote directly relates to whether or not additional asset classes can be included with our automated entry system and as such we advise all investors to read the voting proposal and vote accordingly.

A vote of "Yes" will result in BCH, ZEC and XMR trades on the automated entry system being commenced for the fund and those that ran in April/May so far being attributed to the fund. A vote of "No" will mean that SIFT continues to trade only BTC, DASH, ETH, LTC and XRP.

When you are ready to vote you can visit the SIFT Voting site to cast your vote. Please familiarise yourself with the voting instructions before casting your vote.

Any questions about the voting process can be directed to our Telegram room or via e-mail.