Smart Investment Fund Token

Smart Blockchain Trading and Managed Investment Portfolio

Daily Comms Schedule

December 1st 2017

We are keen to ensure that we communicate with all SIFT-holders on a regular basis. We will be trading Monday-Friday (apart from public holidays) and you can expect to hear something from us every working day until we automate our systems.

Individual Trade Summaries

We will provided an update of all trades for that day. This will include the currency pairs, the amount traded and the profit or loss. This will be a cumulative document so you will be able to track all trades since the fund first began trading. We will not neccessarily report trades until they have closed. Whilst SIFT is establishing itself we will include a brief report on a daily basis but in the long-term this will become an automated list of trades.

Where? Telegram (@SmartIFTNews), Website
When? Daily (Tuesday-Saturday) 07:00 GMT+00 or earlier

Fund Value / SIFT Token Value

The total value of the fund and consequentially the value per token will be reported once per week. It will be possible to determine the interim figure from the daily trade reports but for the sake of clarity a separate weekly announcement will be made that specifically states what the value of each SIFT currently is in USD terms and the equivalent Ethereum ammount.

Where? Telegram (@SmartIFTNews), Website
When? Weekly by Sundays no later than 23:59 GMT+00

Monthly Report

Once a month we will produce a monthly report detailing the trading month in full. This is when dividend payments are announced.

Where? Telegram (@SmartIFTNews), Website, Newsletter
When? 1st of each month 21:00 GMT+00

Earnings Call

Once a month we will have a live-stream video where investors can ask questions about the previous month's trading activities. This will give investors an opportunity to question the monthly report.

Where? Telegram (@SmartIFTNews), Website, Earnings Call, Newsletter
When? Within 2 weeks of the monthly report at 20:00 GMT

Dividend Payments

Dividends will be paid on the first Monday of each month after the report. Dividends will be sent throughout the 24 hour period.

Where? Telegram (@SmartIFTNews), Website
When? First Monday after Monthly Report 10:00 GMT+00

Voting Instructions

Whenever SIFT-holders need to vote on an issue a smart contract will be deployed for the purpose. Details of the vote will be made public no less than a week before the date of the vote and each vote will be open for at least a week.

Where? Telegram (@SmartIFTNews), Website, Newsletter
When? Ad-Hoc with 7 days notice before start of vote and a 7 day voting duration


We have promised that we will arrange an independent quarterly audit of all our balances, trades and previous announcements. We will conduct these every three months and aim to publish an audit one month after the end of the audit period.

Where? Telegram (@SmartIFTNews), Website
When? 1st February (Oct-Dec Audit), 1st May (Jan-Mar Audit), 1st August (Apr-Jun Audit), 1st November (Jul-Sep Audit)