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Telegram Community Manager Announcement

November 13th 2017

In the October 2017 report we mentioned that SIFT was looking for a community manager for our Telegram chat room. Today we would like to officially announce Jelle as that community manager. Since the ICO ended Jelle has been providing support to our community, writing guides and providing handy dividend calculation tools. Several of you suggested Jelle would make a terrific addition to our team and we’re happy to welcome him onboard.

As well as removing spammers, appointing moderators and helping those in our channel one of Jelle’s primary responsibilities will be to ensure the smooth flow of communications between SIFT’s founders and its token-holders. SIFT’s founders have been moving away from continuously monitoring the Telegram room over the last few weeks so that they can focus more on the day-to-day operations of SIFT. Despite this, we feel it is important to keep constant lines of communication open.

Where Jelle is unable to provide assistance or if there are direction questions that SIFT’s founders need to answer these will be relayed back to SIFT and answered on a daily basis. Where a conversation requires a direct back-and-forth discussion between SIFT and token holders SIFT’s founders will still be present in Telegram to discuss matters further and will still be present in the room in an ad-hoc basis. The primary purpose of this move is to ensure that any community questions are answered and not missed during the course of a day.

Any questions can, as always, be sent directly to [email protected] where a member of SIFT will answer any questions directly.