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Now that the ICO is over this site is primarily for news and information for SIFT investors. We will be expanding this site over the coming weeks and months. For now important news and information about the fund can be found here. Any announcements will also be broadcast on our @SmartIFTNews Telegram channel and we would recommend that all investors also subscribe to our mailing list to keep up to date.

Daily Trading Update

The LTC trade that has remained open for the last week is now at 1% profit and has started to be wound down. The fund's value is now slightly above its opening last week.

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Weekly Fund Update

The fund value now stands at $1,433,377 indicating a 0.24% decrease in fund value over the past seven days and making each SIFT worth $1.98 down from $1.99.

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First Vote - Instructions

With the first SIFT-holder vote only days away a full set of instructions for MyEtherWallet, Mist, Parity, MetaMask and imToken has been published. For the technically minded, source code for the vote is also now available.

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First Vote - Token Redeployment

There have been concerns raised about the cost of gas used when transferring SIFT. We have prepared a full analysis of the situation and solution to the problem. We are now asking SIFT-holders to vote on it.

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Trading Commences

All Ethereum raised in the ICO has now been cashed out giving an initial trading fund of $1,436,867.45 and a per-SIFT value of $1.99. Trading will start on Monday 18th September and details of maximum trade exposures during the first two week period have now been announced.

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Daily Comms Schedule

With the ICO closed it's important to know when and how we be communicating with you. We've got a structured plan for when you can expect to hear from us and where. Just because the ICO is over, we won't just go quiet.

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The SIFT ICO was a great success, but what's next for the fund and investors? Over the coming days we will start trading and issue our first blockchain vote to SIFT holders. Here we discuss a little more about the next few weeks.

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The best way to contact us is using Telegram. Telegram provides secure messaging and with an activity community consisting of hundreds of members and our founders it's a great place to ask your questions. Our main channel is @SmartIFT and any major announcements will be shared in @SmartIFTNews.

If you'd like to get in contact with us directly you can e-mail [email protected].

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If you'd like to hear more from us then please take a moment to subscribe to our newsletter. We promise we won't fill your inbox with messages but due to the anonymity of the blockchain we cannot directly reach investors other than through social media, forums, our website and our newsletter. Any major investor updates, information about dividend payments and upcoming votes will be sent to our mailing list. If you're an investor it's recommended that you sign-up.